Token Issuance
Issue your own token on the Internet Computer
We provide the token issuance app for general users to issue their own tokens on the Internet Computer, there is some basic information on this page:
  • Total Tokens: total number of tokens issued through our app
  • Tokens Per User: max number of tokens a user can issue, it is fixed to 1 for now
  • Max Tokens: max number of tokens can be issued through our app, fixed to 100 for now
  • Issuance Fee: token issuance fee, in DFC(our platform token), fixed to 10 for now
  • Cycles Per Token: initial cycles balance allocated for a new token canister, fixed to 2 trillion for now
  • Registry Cycles Balance: cycles balance of our token registry canister, all tokens are issued through the registry canister, if the registry cycle balance is below 2 trillion, no more tokens can be issued
Users pay the issuance fee by the DFC test tokens, which has no value now, but the deployment of a token canister cost 2 trillion cycles(~2 XDR or 2.8 USD), so we restricted the max number of tokens can be issued in the testnet period to reduce cost, these restrictions will be lifted when we launch mannet product.
Token issuance page
You can click the `Issue a new token` button to issue your own token:
Issue a new token
If you check the `Mintable` option, then you can increase the total supply of your token via the token mint function, if you check the Burnable option, then you can decrease the total supply of your token via the token burn function.
Before you can issue the token, you need to allow our token registry canister to spend your DFC tokens, it's similar to the approve function in ERC20 tokens.
Finally, click `Next` to issue you token, wait a while for the operation to complete, and you will see your token in Your Tokens.
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