Wallet usage
Note: The ICP in your wallet is real asset, you can send ICP from a centralized exchange or your NNS wallet to DFinance wallet, but the other tokens(DFCT, WICPT, etc.) are only for test purposes, these tokens have no value now.
Wallet interface:
Wallet interface
Copy principal id or account id, you can also export your mnemonics here.
Note: If you logged in with internet identity, there is no mnemonic to export.
Copy identity
There are 2 different ids: Principal id and Account id, principal is the unique id associated with your private key on the Internet Computer, account id can be derived from principal, one principal can derive multiple account ids.
The ICP ledger uses account id, our token canisters use principal id, so if you want to receive/transfer ICP, you should use account id, if you want to receive/transfer tokens, you should use principal id.
Principal & Account ID
Click the `Claim` button to claim test tokens, everyone can only claim once:
Claim test tokens
Click `Add Asset` to add your tokens:
Add asset
Click `Manage Asset` to remove tokens:
Remove token
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